Best Agents on Ascent in Valorant

Best Agents on Ascent: Valorant is a 5v5 FPS game that was released in the year 2020 by Riot Games. The first team to be able to reach 13 wins the game. Valorant currently has around 4 agent categories and 20 agents that showcase various abilities and skill sets. Valorant has 7 maps to be played and the latest one has been Pearl which was released in June 2022, whereas a new map has been announced and will be releasing Jan 10th, 2023. Today we’ll be discussing the best agents that could be utilized in the map Ascent. Ascent is a map that is based in Venice, Italy where an explosion took place by the blast of the spike, and because of the insane amount of radianite energy the area stored, an area of Venice started floating up in the air. Now, we will be discussing the agents that are best suitable for this map and how their skill sets support the play style on the map.

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The controller on this map has been very accurate as the map is full of curves and turns and sharp corners hence an agent that has a rigid path of smoke or wall is not suitable for this map as the controller has to cover the line of sights on this map rather than having to cut the site in half, through that only is the controller able to have map control.


With insane accuracy being able to smoke places is great and such a versatile agent to be played on the map. Omen also has an aggressive playing ability through his paranoia and teleport and can enter sneaky places and surprise enemies. Ascent also has sneaky, high ground which could not be reached unless and until you have an agent ability. Hence, Omen is a great agent to be played on the map.


A good duelist in general has to be great at initiating an entry to the site by getting insane entry frags with their ability and skill sets. Ascent has sharp site entry and requires agents that are able to blind and either push back enemies or get their entry frags and help the team push to the site. Since Ascent is such a congested map with initiating being the key role it is necessary to have more than one duelist.


Since Jett has rigid straight patterns for movements, Raze is a flexible movement agent and can clear off corners with her Boombot and Paintshells, and satchel right into the site. Hence, Raze is a great agent on Ascent although she does miss this one ability that was required.


Reyna is a great aggressive agent who does complete the void that Raze has left. Reyna with her blind is able to enter the site with both of her blinds as well as take aggressive peaks and exit to a safe cover by dismissing. Although her dismiss does activate only once she kills it’s still better and unlike Jett has a fluid pattern of exiting as it is controlled and not a straight dash. Hence, Reyna is a great duelist for Ascent.


Sentinel’s job is to be able to hold off sight and keep the enemies pushed back until the team gets time to either flank and catch enemies off-guard or able to control them and not let them enter the sight. A sentinel is also supposed to watch over flank of the offensive half and be able to let your team know about a back-stab.


Killjoy’s strong ability to behold the site and have enemies in her trap of alarmbots and swarm grenades are great to hold off the entirety of B site on her own as the lanes connecting to the site are very narrow and the grenades have a great range to be able to hold off sight or even get enemies killed there.


Initiators are the agents that are able to get as much information as possible while entering the site or check if the enemies are faking a site entry or not. Initiators are able to reveal enemy locations or through their ability help the teammates enter the site.


Sova’s recon darts and drone gather a whole lot of information for the teammates to enter the site as well as the post-plant setup could be great for your team to win the round. Ascent being the ultimate wallbangable map in the entirety of Valorant it is great for the team to be able to shoot enemies through various surfaces. Hence, Sova has to be the best initiator for Ascent.


As we have discussed the best agents for Ascent, are subjective and can be replaced according to your play style but can be counted as the ideal team. Hope this helps you win your competitive ranks and can help you a lot.