Best Agents on Pearl in Valorant

Best Agents on Pearl: With this, we come back to the last article regarding the best agents on the map until the release of Lotus which is on January 10th, 2023. Pearl has been the newest addition to the map pool since June 2022. Based in the beautiful city of Lisbon in Portugal, it is indeed just as beautiful as the city itself. Pearl is an underwater map that is situated in the Omega world according to the Valorant lore. the map has 2 sites and a vast area that has a lot of space throughout the mid-region of the map. The previous articles, without further ado, discuss the best agents that can be played on Pearl and how they are to be utilized.


Pearl is a huge map and has multiple areas to cover while also providing enough cover for the spike planter to be able to successfully plant the spike. Considering the long region of the B site alone, it is very tedious to cover up all the areas just at once and Viper does not have the flexibility in her walls.


The new agent hasn’t been able to fit under everyone’s playstyle but when it comes to flexibility and a great cover, Harbor does the job to an impressive amount. With his curvable wall and Cove, it is a great way to enter the site and be able to plant the spike without much hassle and then hold back and play until the spike detonates. Harbor’s cascade also provides great site entry by blocking frontal vision and gives you the ability to check corners slowly and move into the site. Hence, Harbor is a great controller on the map.


Since Pearl is a huge map, you do need agents that can move fast as well as give quick site entry with the help of the initiator. As the site’s entries are indeed vast, you need to play quickly and fast and get as many entry frags by moving in fast.


Can we seriously mention fast without mentioning Neon? Neon is a great agent on the map as with her wall she can enter the site very quickly and clear out each side with her time, run and enter the site while she concusses enemies and gets great entry to the team in the site.


Reyna after the recent flash buff has been great when it comes to blinding enemies as the range is not limited anymore and because of the vastness of the map, it did require Reyna to be able to blind the enemies from far off to not hold angles and get our team as soon as someone peaks. Besides the flash, Reyna is great for aggressive plays and can be an absolute beast on any given map because of the versatility she has.


The initiator has to collect as much information as possible and since Pearl is not a very congested map and, does have long-range information requirements, an agent must be able to collect information without any range restriction.


With the recon dart and drone, Sova can pretty much gather an insane amount of information required to enter a site, As Pearl is not a very enclosed map, it can have a high recon dart on a wall to scan most of the site and can drone to finally get the corners and crooks that the recon dart missed to scan. Post-plant Sova plays are also insanely good on the map considering the shock dart lineups as well as the Hunter’s Fury. Hence, Sova is to be considered a great pick on the map.

However, coming in at very close can be either Fade or KAY/O as they both are as versatile as Sova, although KAY/O may not reveal enemies’ location, if you are into higher elo you can technically almost predict based on the knife range and area to sense the location of the enemies.


Sentinels are required on every map possible and need to be great at holding on-site, be it through their traps or the agents themselves being good enough. Although there are no particular sentinels that can not do the job on Pearl as most of them are pretty good there can be one that may be slightly better than the others.


Since it’s such a huge map and you may not able to hold every site and angle, Cypher does a pretty good job while doing so as he can watch over any area and get enemies who think they can be slick and come through various positions. Hence, Cypher is a great agent on Pear as well as most of the maps, especially after Chamber was nerfed.

Conclusion – Best Agents on Pearl

With that, we conclude our article as well as a series of the best agents on the map until we have a great idea about Lotus. Hopefully, this article helps you understand each agent’s role on the map and helps you rank up smoothly and easily. Happy gaming!