Best Agents on Split in Valorant

Best Agents on Split: Valorant is a 5v5 FPS game where two teams compete and the first one to reach 13 wins and 2 rounds in advance if we see competitive wins in the game. Valorant currently has 7 Maps, although just 6 are in the map pool right now with the latest update that is arriving on January 10th is to be taking 2 maps out of the pool and getting back the one that was removed previously for various changes. Valorant’s concept also revolves around agents and currently has 20 agents and 4 agent categories. Today, we’ll be discussing the best agents on the map Split as it has been making its grand comeback by the 10th of Jan update. Split is a map based in the heart of Japan: Tokyo. It has a great Japanese aesthetic to it and has various similarities resembling Japan such as a ramen shop, festive lights as well as graffiti. So without further ado, let’s discuss the best agents on Split.


Split is a map that has a high ground called “heaven” on both the sites and a lot of places to cover up to avoid enemies holding angles. Split is also a very straightforward map, and hence doesn’t necessarily require accurate and precise smokes, rather requires sneaky gameplay and places to sneak up to.


Viper’s wall is the best when it comes to Split Heaven as it provides the most coverage out of all and lets you enter the site with sneaky places the wall is pretty tall for you to be seen by the enemies. Viper also has great post-plant setups on Split since it’s a very open map and there can be several possibilities for lineups or even just normal trajectory for Viper molly. There are various places you can play from if you know how to sneak up and relocate as soon as possible.

The closest to Viper could’ve been brim, but because of the unfortunate smoking scenarios caused at the B site where it sometimes fails to cover up heaven and give enemies direct vision when you enter the site.

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Split has a lot of high ground and places where you need a great amount of mobility and great location-based play. Split is the only map that can be very confusing when it comes to gameplay and predictability of the enemy and hence, you need agents that can move fast, exit the dangerous places and get you to the site.


It may be surprising but the Japanese agent has a great advantage in his homeland. Yoru’s gatecrash is very predictable when it comes to other maps but when it’s Split, you do have to double-check twice every time so that you don’t get outplayed. He can also pretty much exit any place without any issues with his gatecrash and his decoy is one pain to deal with.


Can we forget to Raze on Split? Since Split has so many high grounds has so many corners to check and is also a mobility-based map, Raze comes into clutch. and hence, is also a great agent on the map.


This map is way too vast for information collection and no matter how much you’d try, you would not be able to reveal the enemy’s location through so many corners, crooks, and slick spots and hence would require an initiator that can help you enter the site with ease by just clearing out corners and pushing enemies back.


Breach is one hell of an initiator when it comes to clearing corners, and pushing the enemies back for the team to be able to enter the site, An agent that can single-handedly clear the site and provide site entry is very useful when you are on Split as you barely can gather any information through Sova, Fade and KAY/O.


A sentinel on this map would have to be an agent that does more info gathering as well as has great site control. It’s very difficult for agents to keep track of the map and hence also would be better if the agent isn’t range restricted.


Cypher has had his time to shine as the only sentinel who isn’t range-restricted (Riot do not take any ideas) and can watch over the site. There can be some sneaky plays through Cypher by someone who knows how to play the agent, with one-way cyber cages and tripwire combinations. A sneaky cam setup provides you with a great amount of info if you maintain to keep it hidden from the enemies’ eyes. Hence, Cypher has to be the best sentinel on Split.


With this, we sum up yet another map with a great team composition which can help you rank up better and perform outstandingly in your games. Hope this article helped, as usual, every single agent can be replaced according to play style but these can be the ideal agents according to the map-style.