Best Freelancing Jobs in 2023

Freelancing Jobs: Freelancing defeats the common purpose of having a traditional full-time job where you work for someone else and refers to one working for themselves. Freelancing’s basic principle is working on your terms and your flexibility yet finishing the job efficiently and as per requirements. Freelancers generally work on a bunch of projects for short amounts of time rather than long periods. Freelancing for many years has been considered a side hustle for many people, you may be a college student who wants to earn an extra penny or someone who recently lost their job and trying to make ends meet, nonetheless, freelancing jobs have had their breakthrough with a certain aspect now and can be even now worked as a full time by the amount it pays. Numerous freelancing jobs are available on the internet, today, we’ll be discussing the best freelancing jobs that are available right now.

1. Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Programming

Programming in general has been considered one of the best-paying jobs for numerous reasons, blockchain and cryptocurrency programming do require a certain level of skill set in programming as you’d be dealing with certain high-level standards but it is worth it as the average hourly wage can be as much as a $150 and the annual salary can reach to anywhere between $120,000 to a $127,000. Cryptocurrency and blockchain programmers have to design the core web architecture for creating decentralized applications or create innovative solutions to the obstacles that are faced by their firm.

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2. Mobile App Development

Mobile phones are used by around 7.33 Billion people in the world comprising almost 91.53% of the total population. Various apps are used on a cellphone on an everyday basis, but how are these mobile apps developed? Easy! through mobile app developers. Mobile app developers have to use different programming languages to create, test and develop mobile applications for unique and various functions. Apps have to be developed in mainly two operating systems which are iOS and Android. They generally take UI and UX principles into consideration when creating applications. The average hourly wage for a freelancing mobile developer can be anywhere between $60 to $80 and an annual salary can be taken into account as around $107,000, hence it is a well-paying job, although it does require a little knowledge about programming and coding.

3. Web Designer

Throughout a single day, we surf through various websites that are designed for various organizations. The entire business world has been making a shift from offline services to now online through either apps or websites. A web designer generally plans, creates, and codes multiple web pages by including various factors such as visuals, texts, audio, and graphic designing as necessary. They also troubleshoot various bugs and glitches and maintain a website so that it works and functions smoothly and efficiently. An average hourly wage for a web designer can be anywhere between $60 to $75 and an annual salary can be anywhere between $70,000 to $79,000.

Although most freelancing jobs are kind ofcentredd around programming and coding, it is because of the flexibility it provides while doing the job, with a laptop, you can pretty much work anywhere with no issues and hence, are not limited to these resources and finish the job as soon as possible according to your terms, which can be considered as the true principle of freelancing.

4. AI (Artificial Intelligence) Developers

AI developers generally create artificial intelligence software by collecting and analyzing various data assets and using that to create a specifically functioning application, software or even a device of its own. The data can involve transcribing, audio inputs and outputs, machine learning, visual image, and audio recognition as well as a vast knowledge regarding specialityalty that the AI specializes in. AI jobs can generally have an average hourly wage of $45 and include all sorts of commissions and various other factors in the income and get rounded up to $93,000 a year.

5. Data Analyzer

Data analysts generally keep information about various businesses and business customers to be able to have insights into the market and generally communicate this information to the business owners as well as the stakeholders and can give great financial advice based on the data about investing and various business-related queries. An average hourly wage of a data analyst can be $36 and the annual salary can extend up to $74,000.

Conclusion – Best Freelancing Jobs

Freelancing has been a great way to make a source of income either by the side or as a main hustle ahavehas a flexible work schedule and enjoy life. It can pay well as well as require fewer amount of hours instead of the regular 9-5 jobs. You channel the power to make the shift however, freelancing jobs are not permanent by any means and you have to prepare yourself for that. Happy Freelancing.