Controllers in Valorant and How Can They Be Utilized?

Controllers in Valorant: Valorant is an FPS game that was released in the year 2020. The concept of the game can be considered as two teams battling against each other in a 5v5 match and the team can reach 13 wins first wins. Valorant has 4 agent categories that have various roles and have to perform their tasks as according to their agent category. In total there are 20 agents in Valorant as of January 2023, out of them there are 5 agents that are considered controllers.

The job of a controller is to acquire sight control by being able to block the line of sight through their smokes or walls and gain access to the site and provide space for their team to be able to also showcase their ability and enter the site to plant the spike. Although the main job of the controller is as defined above, there are controllers which can be used differently depending on their ability kit. Today, we’ll be discussing the various controller and how can they be utilized to ensure their maximum potential and understand their playstyle to elevate your gameplay to the next level and help you rank up in your games if you are a controller main.


Viper is an agent that can be the most useful to be able to push back enemies or hold them on to their position. This makes Viper more of a sentinel type of controller which means that she can be used as a substitution for a sentinel as her smoke creates a decay for the player passing through it which combined with her molly can deal serious damage to the enemies and hence enemies don’t generally push through it. Hence, Viper should be played passively as all of her utility is to be able to hold and acquire a position and play from there. Not to mention that the post-plant lineups can also help out a lot.

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Omen is a prime pick for a lot of maps due to the versatile play style it can offer and hence due to its aggressive abilities, it can be used as an aggressive controller with the blind and teleport and gain easy access through the site. With his shrouded step being faster now too, it is a great agent when you need to be aggressive and head front to gain access through the site.

Harbor and Brimstone

Harbor and Brimstone are one of the same types as they both can be considered as the OG traditional smokers which include keeping enemies blinded from the long-range line of site and having the most map control out of all the controllers. Harbor has been underestimated as of now as he’s a relatively new agent and hasn’t been caught up with the play style yet, yet once players do get used to his play style and his utility, Harbor can be one difficult agent to be dealt with on both attacking as well as defending phases. Cascade provides easy entry through the site by clearing small angles slowly as the wave proceeds to head forward and can also be stopped which can block and act as smoke. Cove helps for an easy plant or defuse as it provides a shield from long-range shooting enemies.

Brimstone is the only controller that can drop 3 clouds of smoke at once and due to his combat stim, it ensures an aggressive push, as well as the post plant plays of Brimstone, are insane considering the wide range of the Orbital Strike and the molly’s duration and gives the player enough time to be able to relocate their position and catch enemies off-guard.


Controllers in Valorant Astra

Astra after the not-so-recent nerf has been low on the pick rate as it has affected her, however, Astra can be used as an initiating controller. With her abilities, she can clear hard-to-clear angles or sabotage the enemies in a way that can help initiators and duelists take fights and clear off the angles. With her smoke and ability to smoke through anywhere on the map, she is underrated although the nerf is what affected her the most. Nonetheless, a great agent and a great controller to be able to gain site control.


With this info, if you are a controller main, you can now decide the agent based on your play style as you may not be able to the role every time but you can have controllers to be able to substitute for the other roles. Hopefully, this helps and helps you rank up in your competitive games.