Things to keep in mind while freelancing

Freelancing is a great way to earn an income nowadays. Earlier it was just seen as a side hustle for the most part and yet it has evolved into being a “full-time” job for many people. Freelancing can be defined as working on your terms and having flexibility on small projects with a firm or organization and moving to various other projects instead of working just a single long-term job. While freelancing is great and a way for college students or people struggling with employment issues to be able to make ends meet, they do come with a certain amount of drawbacks and these should be known well in advance before you to be entering the world of freelancing. Let’s discuss the things that you should know and keep in mind while doing a freelancing job.

1) Trial and Error

Everyone has fantasized about working on their terms and being able to work whenever they want and have leisure time. A day job or a full-time job doesn’t provide that now does it? It feels like just quitting the job that you are currently doing and just continuing with freelancing for various organizations at once, right? Wrong! you do need to have a backup plan as it is pretty common to get rejected from freelancing jobs as common as it is for you to get rejected for a full-time job. If you’re doing a full-time job, don’t just quit it yet, make sure that your freelancing profile is qualified and experienced enough to be able to attract recruiters.

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2) Search and Work

It is better to start freelancing through various freelancing platforms that are available on the internet nowadays. Starting through these platforms increases your chances of getting hired whereas approaching various organizations directly may not necessarily result in a positive outcome. These platforms also provide jobs as per your skillset and requirements and hence are great when it comes to search as you would have most of these organizations already filtered according to your interest and background.

3) Portfolios are the key to Success

To convince organizations to be hiring you, you need to create a portfolio. A portfolio at the start doesn’t need to be the certificate of an overachieving kid in your middle school, it should be concise and simple and should provide the recruiter with the details regarding whether you are compatible and suitable for the job or not. You can later create or hire someone as you’d have enough funding in a matter of time through freelancing. Portfolios can help a lot in securing various places as they provide the recruiter with a basic idea of how capable you are of the job.

4) Wage Talk

Discuss with your fellow workers or someone who has experience in freelancing so they can provide you with the appropriate payment amount for the job that you would be doing. Agree on a price that may seem fair to you as well as the organization as they also need their work done. This does not mean that you cannot negotiate if you think that the amount isn’t fair.

5) A contract is a must!

Contracts are generally necessary when you do such a job as that is the only way you can be fair and just to the work and time you have been providing to the firm. All sorts of mishaps can happen when there is no contract to be made and can result in unfair situations where you wouldn’t be able to do anything about it either.


With this, we conclude our article about things to look out for while doing freelancing jobs and how to avoid scamming and being exploited. Hope this article helped you understand and help you out while you would be doing a job.