What is Web 3.0? The Future

As we had previously discussed the shift of Web 2.0 from Web 1.0, in this article we will be discussing the shift of Web 3.0 from Web 2.0 which can be as drastic and big of a change as the previous shift was. Let’s see what is Web 3.0. The base value or foundation of Web 3.0 includes decentralization, openness, and increased usefulness for the consumer. Web 3.0 is the next stage of the development of the Internet. From the concepts of Artificial Intelligence to the introduction of the metaverse and virtual world. As we slowly but steadily approach the future world of Web 3.0, it is necessary to know general stuff about it and to prepare for the long-awaited reality of virtuality. let’s dive right in and discuss the characteristics and various other features that come along with the introduction of Web 3.0.

Characteristics or Fundamentals of Web 3.0

Although the entire concept or standardization of Web 3.0 are not to be defined as of now, there are however some key feature or bases that it will be laid on.


Computers use HTTP in the format of a unique web address to search for information that is allocated to a specific location saved on a single server. With Web 3.0, it has the possibility of storing the data in multiple locations and hence, be decentralized. This can break down massive databases that are now under internet giants such as Google and Meta and may cause them to collapse as it would let users would have greater control.


Along with decentralization, and the base is open-source software, Web 3.0 will also be trustless meaning that it would allow users to interact without having a trusted intermediary in between, and also be permissionless which means it wouldn’t require any sort of authorization from the government. The outcome of such features results in Web 3.0 working based on blockchains or decentralized peer-to-peer networks or a combination of both.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Web 3.0 would allow computers to be able to understand information very similarly to humans through natural language processing or Semantic Web concepts. It will also be using Machine learning, a branch of artificial intelligence with algorithms to study the pattern of human learning and would use the same concept to avoid inaccuracy in the slightest bit. These would allow computers to work faster and more efficiently in the means of various sectors where human components are still involved for various purposes.

Connectivity or Ubiquitous

Web 3.0 allows information to be accessed from anywhere at any time with multiple accesses to it. A very good example would be the Internet of Things.

These are the factors that the foundation of Web 3.0 depends on. We have ruled out these 4 as the most prominent ones with them having sub-categories. Although it may seem a bit complex, and to a certain extent it is indeed, however, if the base is to be understood, Web 3.0 isn’t that hard to be understood.

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What is Web 3.0 applied to?

So there are several fields that Web 3.0 can be applied. Following are some of the various examples that Web 3.0 can be applied.


Metaverse refers to the virtual internet immersive world that is 3D rendered which is possible with the help of various augmented as well as virtual reality devices. Web 3.0 is applicable for the metaverse for various factors that have been listed above with emphasis on blockchain technology.


A non-fungible token that is used in various transactions or can be counted as a virtual investment is known as NFT and the concept of Web 3.0 applies to it.

Virtual Infrastructure

Secure and private data are used in the application and are derived through the basis of Web 3.0.

Financial Decentralization

As we spoke about the concept of decentralization, soon financial matters would also be decentralized and permissionless with cryptocurrencies acquired with the basis of blockchain technology.


With this, we conclude the series about the various generation and stages of development of the internet. Evolving from Web 1.0 to Web 3.0 was indeed a huge accomplishment that has been achieved by humans in the fields of technology and connectivity. Web 3.0 is the future that is awaiting us, so it’s very important to understand the concept of it and consider various factors to step up your game as you enter the new reality. Hope this article helped you understand the basics of Web 3.0’s general idea and analyze its concept of it.