Why and How is E-Commerce dominating the market?

E-Commerce Domination: Trading has been the oldest form of shopping we know today. Shopping can be defined as the exchange of currency for some goods. It can be essential goods or non-essential goods. The first form of trading is commonly known as the “barter system”, where people used to exchange goods with each other for other goods that they needed. If someone needed soap, they would exchange that with someone with the resources that they have an abundance of. Hence, the world has evolved around that system with currencies that have been issued now. The most revolutionary change that trading or shopping has come through is the concept of e-commerce.

E-commerce refers to the same goods that you buy in a physical store that are now available easily and are very accessible on online websites or applications and can be delivered straight to your home or it can be collected in a nearby office through which you can just show your order number and you can pick up the items. E-commerce is a vast scope now and has been spreading rapidly through various goods and services but how is it exactly spreading and why are people saying that it has been dominating the market? You would be finding the answers to that in this article.

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How is E-commerce dominating the world?

E-commerce is taking over a lot of businesses and is like an epidemic of its own, but well obviously in a positive way. There are of course reasons as to why it’s spreading and we will be listing that below.

The main reason for e-commerce’s booming success is because of convenience. I mean people back then used to dream about such convenient facilities and here we are having the privilege to do so. You can order from anywhere you want and get it delivered anywhere you like. You can even pre-order and have it delivered on a certain day and a certain time as well as have the privilege of having it quickly delivered however, you do have to pay an additional fee or have a subscription.

Accessibility has to rank second in reasons why e-commerce has been taking off. You can have any products from anywhere in the world in your range without having to worry. You can get every single essential and not-so-essential product with the taps of your finger. With such accessibility, it also saves a lot of time and money considering the fuel cost and everything, hence, is used a lot.

Although COD is a great option for customers it is a double-edged sword for retailers if the buyer refuses to take the product, they have to spare extra money for reverse delivery services whereas getting a fee with a little profit margin if the buyer does receive the product which does happen most of the times.

Websites and applications now provide you with a 3D representation of the product with dynamics so that you can have a scale of the product and assume how big it will be and how it looks from all sides, hence providing a better user experience and ensuring customers of the quality and looks of the product.

Advertising is also easy and websites that you have logged on to multiple times do have a record of your search history and provide you with suggestions and products that are based on your style and design.

However, there are some reasons why it’s not preferred either sometimes.

Drawbacks of E-commerce

Although the above are some of the strongest points in favour of e-commerce and can convince people for it, there are people as usual opposed to some of the ideas of it. There are various reasons and some of them are discussed below.

People still generally prefer for them to feel the object themselves or have the fitting of its clothes or accessories which is indeed a fair point as there are indeed a lot of mishaps usually for first-time buyers when there are various sizes for various bands. A size chart is provided on most websites, however, they are not the most accurate all of the time. Hence, people like to have the physical appearance of the object before thinking about buying it.

E-commerce services are very reliable and sometimes deliver even before time which can be exciting, however, it is very unpredictable which in terms to be honesty kind of ruins the systematic schedule that you were supposed to be following. Hence, while ordering anything online, make sure that you have leniency or the necessary arrangements required to be able to receive the package.

The worst part can be when it does arrive on time or even before it, yet sometimes you are not available at that time to be able to pick up the package and you would have to go to the logistics centre to be able to collect your package which makes things more tedious, or when it is required for an event and comes off in the wrong requirements and needs to be sent back. In these scenarios, something might be needed urgently, and hence, physical stores are very much essential when it comes to medical or food-related issues, it is preferred to collect it physically than to be waiting for the product. Hence, it can be unreliable as it is unpredictable.

Customer service that has been provided by interacting with people and having those sorts of connections cannot be achieved by any computer-provided website. The happy smiles and the conversations as well as the contacts you make to get the best products for new arrivals cannot be matched to any website.

These are the various reasons why people still prefer physical stores in place of e-commercial websites.


With this, we conclude our article and hence, reckoned on the various aspects of how E-commerce has been taking over the market. These are the various reasons why E-commerce has been succeeding and prospering so well in the modern age. With this fast-moving lifestyle, we understand the actual needs and requirements of such privileges which help us make our life more comfortable and convenient.