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Techchoob is looking for contributors who want to write for us and wish to contribute interesting and motivating material on tech-related issues as well as for those seasoned authors who can offer top-notch guest posts.

We welcome and appreciate your attention if you want to write an article for Techchoob.

Submission Guidelines for Guest Posts:

We are stringent about approving guest blogs, but we do accept them. We will reject your article if it violates these rules. So, the following are the submission guidelines:

These are listed below:

  • a few general rules that guest authors need to be aware of.
  • The ideal article length is 700+ words.
  • The article must not have been published online anywhere.
  • Original Article Submission
  • Write without using a textbook format!
  • Aim for excellence, originality, proper grammar, and complete phrases.
  • We will review your posts for plagiarism; if any duplicate, duplicated, or spun content is discovered, it will be rejected.
  • The post’s links must be pertinent to the post.
  • Affiliate links are prohibited by us.
  • must include at least one image. For featured photographs, the image size should be 1200628 or larger.
  • Add a succinct author bio

These are the nine rules that are expected of guest writers. Guest authors might not be suitable if they break these criteria. If necessary, we will reject the articles.

How to submit a guest post article:

You must first pitch us a post and demonstrate your writing abilities and expertise in order to get your blog placed on Techchoob.

You can send an email with the following information to choobtech@gmail.com.

  • Article Human Written
  • A suitable picture

The subject line of the email: “Guest Post Submission”

Niche Areas We Consider

Here is a list of the niches in which we accept guest posts:

  • Make Money
  • Education
  • Definitions
  • Cybersecurity
  • Top X
  • Business
  • Technology
  • Real Estate
  • Home and Garden
  • Social
  • Guides and How-Tos
  • Mobile
  • Gadgets
  • App development
  • How to
  • Android
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Programming
  • Gaming
  • Windows
  • Digital Marketing
  • Reviews
  • Ecommerce
  • Apps
  • Travel

We welcome guest writings on these or related subjects.

You can submit your pitches if you are an authority in writing material on these subjects. Again, before publishing your article on our website, we will measure everything, so take care. Please refrain from sending us content that is out-of-date or duplicated.

The advantages of guest posting

The query is that. Why did you spend your valuable time creating the post and sending it to us? That has a number of advantages, which I will now list.

  • Increasing traffic
  • Developing Relations
  • acquiring quality backlinks
  • enhancing the authority of your website
  • Enhanced Google Search Results
  • your ability to write articles has improved

The six advantages of guest posting are as follows. I’ve already stated the most significant advantages, but there are many more.

I’ll now give a brief explanation of these advantages.

Increasing Traffic

Every web administrator attempts to increase traffic since nothing happens without it. Every time you publish a guest post, you gain traffic and backlinks.

When you produce high-quality content, the reader becomes interested in your piece and, once interested, reads it for several hours. Additionally, he clicks on the pertinent links you added to that article. You receive respectable traffic to your website when he clicks on such pertinent links because they belong to you.

Your website authority increases when those pieces drive traffic, and you get devoted viewers.

Improve Relationships

Another benefit is having positive interactions with SEO specialists and influencers, which can only happen when you talk to one another.

Every time you submit a guest post pitch, you commend the website owner. He will respond politely if you speak to him in a polite manner. You succeed in establishing a positive rapport with that website owner after speaking with them for some time.

Having a relationship with the website owner is really beneficial because he will accept your pitch and allow you to write some excellent guest pieces for his blog.

acquiring quality backlinks

Every SEO expert tries to obtain quality backlinks since, without them, it is impossible to increase the authority of your website. Every time you write a guest post for another website, you gain some strong backlinks.

You gain better ranks and more traffic when you have more backlinks. Everybody is aware that Google favors relevant backlinks over spammy comments and profiles. The strongest backlink is one that is derived from the context of the article.

Growing the Authority of Your Website

Only when you receive backlinks from pertinent and high-authority domains can your website’s authority grow. With just one backlink, the authority of your website does not increase. In order to increase the authority of your website, you must obtain lots of backlinks.

Before sending your pitches, you should also take note of the website’s domain authority, page authority, and spam score. You may be able to secure guest posts and raise the authority of your website if the metrics of that website are appropriate.

Enhanced Google Search Results

Without a doubt, publishing more guest pieces increases your traffic and backlinks. You can outrank your rivals in a number of keywords when you have more backlinks and stronger ones than they have.

Your website’s rating improves as it receives backlinks. You get a lot of traffic after ranking for multiple keywords, and as your website becomes more well-known, your overall authority and ranking rise.

Your Article Writing Skills will Improve

It is very helpful to be good at anything, and this is only achievable if you practice a lot. You compose articles whenever you are submitting Guest Posts to someone.

Your typing speed and knowledge in that niche both rise as you consistently produce articles. You can create a website and earn a lot of money when you become an authority on one topic.

However, the key is that you must excel at article writing in a particular field. You can work as a writer and show website owners your prior work examples when your article writing skills are strong in a particular subject before submitting a guest post pitch.

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