Best Agents On Breeze in Valorant

Best Agents On Breeze: Valorant is an FPS that has 2 teams fighting against each other to win. The first team to reach 13 wins the game. Each team is comprised of 5 agents. Valorant currently has around 20 agents with the newest being added recently named Harbor and hailing from India. Valorant currently has 7 maps with 6 being in the map pool until January and would then be reduced to 5 adding Split back in and taking out Bind and Breeze. So while Breeze is still in the map pool, let’s study and test the strategies that have been acknowledged so far before it gets removed from the queue. Breeze is a huge map with 2 sites and has vast open areas. This map is primarily known as a sniping map because of the long distant fights that can occur.

Let’s now discuss the best agents that are suitable on this map to help you secure a great win.


As we have previously discussed how important a duelist’s role is, entering the site alongside the information that is gathered thoroughly by the initiator and getting as many entry frags as possible and securing the site to plant the spike. But for Breeze, things are kind of different as most maps would require making space, but Breeze requires cutting spaces short and entering the site. For Breeze, you would either require an agent that can be good with movements or an agent who can have a flash and a quick entry to the site.


Reyna is amazing for this map as she can acquire both the factors that are needed for a good site entry as well as the slight movements that are required for an op-ing map. While Reyna’s Leer can blind the enemies, and help the teammates to push to the site she has her Dismiss which can help her escape from the enemies in an operator battle. The only downfall would be that Reyna would have to kill someone to escape the area whereas other movement ability agents such as Neon and Jett would not be dependent on a kill to escape the area. Just for this reason, Neon would be the second-best duelist for Breeze.


Since Breeze is a huge map it requires controllers who can have the map in control and can cut down sites to block off the enemy and provide minimum vision to them. A good controller would require to provide minimum corners for the enemies to attack from and rather give the site control to your team.

Viper and Omen

Since it’s such a huge map, either of the duos between two initiators and two controllers can be used. Viper’s Poison screen is so helpful in cute the site in half and gaining access to the various parts of the site slowly but surely. Not to mention as it causes decay, enemies don’t necessarily cross the wall or be on either side of the wall so it does give you a clear way to the site

With Omen, you can block off the lines of sight with his versatile smokes and block off the areas where Viper’s wall fails to cut through. And with two controllers on each site, it is indeed very easy for the defending half. Viper’s post plant also is very overpowered as Breeze is such an open map, it is indeed very easy.


Defending on Breeze can be very tedious and nerve-wracking as the two sites are very far apart, and A site is unnecessarily huge to defend the sites, the sentinel must be able to watch multiple angles and can cover up various areas. As we had previously discussed the best sentinel, with its recent nerfs, is a tad bit difficult to determine which agent deserves to be at the top spot for this category.

Chamber of Cypher

Either of the sentinels can perform well to defend the sites however, considering the operator utilizing map Breeze, Chamber is just a tad bit favoured than Cypher as Chamber has his ult and Headhunter to perform exclusively well in defending the site with ease. Although Chamber’s sparks have been reduced with many limitations, those nerf define him more as a sentinel. But with Cypher’s universal range of tripwires, if an enemy tries to come through flanks or enter the other site sneakily, the info is known without the restriction of range that has been applied to Chamber now.


It is highly emphasized how important an initiator is on this map, there is no adequate amount of information that has been gained enough for this map, as it’s such a vast map with so many places to enter from and flanks, it’s insanely hard to have all the information needed. The most information that can be acquired is from the time you enter the site and have a duel with the enemies.

Sova and KAY/O

Sova would have to be the first preference for an initiator on the map. With his recon dart and drone, Sova can provide a good amount of information and also check various corners, it is also advisable to slowly push through the site with Sova’s drone checking around the corners and attacking the enemy as soon as one is noticed. But if two initiators were to be taken for Breeze KAY/O would add a great contribution. From blocking out enemy abilities with his “knife”, to having the flash, and the grenade for post-plant. The amount of information that can be collected through these two agents is enough for the team to decide if to enter the site or rotate.

Conclusion – Best Agents On Breeze

With that, we rule out the best agents that can perform on this map but as we have been discussing previously as well, every agent can be substituted by some other agent if your playstyle fits the requirements of the team. It is very necessary to communicate and understand the map before being able to go out for alternatives. Hope this team composition helps your 5 stacks to now obliterate the enemies.