Best Agents on Icebox (Valorant 2022)

Best Agents on Icebox: Valorant is an FPS game released in the year 2020. It includes two teams fighting against each other and the first one to hit 13 wins, wins the game. As we had previously discussed the best agents on a different map, today we’ll be looking at the best agents in the map Icebox. Icebox is a map based on the chilling tundra of Russia. It has 2 sites and has quite a few high grounds to perform from. Icebox is also a very congested and small map with a slight advantage to the defensive side providing the area that can be covered up while defending. So let’s dive into this and find out based on the map structure, which agents can perform their best on the map.

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As we have discussed the structure of Icebox, has a lot of high grounds. A duelist that can have a lot of moments is preferred as getting from one spot to another on Icebox does require some serious skills. Not to mention the cheeky spots that are available on Icebox to hide and surprise the enemies.


If it’s anyone that has to be the best on this map, it has to be Raze. Raze’s ability to clear out corners with her Pain Shells and Boombot is pretty impressive and the use of blast packs to just fly to the site is insane. It does take time and practice but also almost requires no skills to use Raze as she is such a versatile agent.


With the congested space A site on Icebox has, the controller needs to be able to split the site accordingly and make the best use of their abilities to block off lines of sight and gain quick entry to the site. An agent that can be versatile no matter what the size or area of the map, is required to gain control of the sight.


No shocking surprise as people might know, Viper’s smokescreen can be versatile enough for any site (although Harbor’s wall does perform better now with the ability to curve it). Viper’s smokescreen does impact a decay on the enemy as well and hence, can be considered the best controller on the map.

Although Omen does come a very close second, to be honest, Omen is such a versatile agent that can be played off anytime and on any map with ease.


As we have been putting emphasis constantly on the congested map design and it’s having numerous corners and high spaces where enemies can hide and can advantage, an initiator that gains the most information is required. Someone who can physically check every corner properly and clear out the angle is preferred.


Again, probably no surprise as Sova is the best initiator on the map. A site and B site having various surfaces to bounce off its recon darts and shock darts for most plants, it is highly preferred that Sova is to be used on this map, after all the hunter feels himself in the land of his birth. Sova’s ability to gain information has to be the best on this map.

With Sova leading, Fade falls very close behind as her abilities do help out to clear various angles and grounds (especially the prowlers) and hence, can be used as an alternative if one does not feel confident enough to play Sova.


Now, Sentinel is very much valued on Icebox as there are various entries to the site and a team of 5 players alone cannot hold track of every single entry spot. Just because of the map design on Icebox 2 sentinels are generally required to block off enemies’ entry into any area.

Sage and Killjoy

Sage’s wall does help block off mid-access to the enemy side on the defending side and can be creatively used in the attacking half to catch enemies off guard and get some easy kills. Sage’s slow orbs are immensely underrated as they slow the enemies so much that no enemy genuinely intends to push through that and lose movement and get a headshot. As the versatile agent Sage is, she is very much required for both halves of the game.

Killjoy with her traps is very useful especially after we had been discussing the congested map design. Her trap setups can catch enemies off-guard and get easy kills by combining her alarm bot and nano swarms as well as keeping an eye out for enemies. The lockdown is just a bonus entry to any site easily and get an easy plant and can also clear enemies off the site if they are planting the spike.

Conclusion – Best Agents on Icebox

With that, we conclude the 5 best agents that can be used on Icebox by displaying their skillset and assets and using the map design for advantage. Hope this team composition helps you win your games with your 5-stack. As always, agent selections can be very subjective based on your play style and would require you to use your abilities and skills on the battlegrounds to win your games.