Best Agents on Bind (Valorant 2022)

Best Agents on Bind: Previously we had discussed the best agents on a different map in Valorant. Today we are looking at the map “Bind”. A map based in Morocco home of the agent Cypher is a great map and is especially unique with its 2 teleporters. Although soon Bind is going for a rework this January and would not be in the map pool for unrate and competitive queues, it is indeed one of the most favourite maps of players all across. It has 2 sites, many corners, and numerous strategies that can be created because of the versatility of the map. Let’s discuss the various agent categories and understand how well the agents on the list cooperate and perform harmonic gameplay.


Duelists, as the game attests, are self-sufficient fraggers, which can clear out enemies and get entry frags with the help of the information or support provided by the initiators of the team. A good duelist does make space for the team to get in the site and plant the spike, while the duelist goes on forward and proceeds to get as many frags as possible and try clearing out various areas.


Raze can be the ultimate duelist, to be honest, clearing out sharp corners near “Lamp” at A site with her boombot or grenade and satchelling from high attainable places to the middle of the site and get frags is more than enough for an agent can do to try to push the enemies backwards as they try to stop your team. Raze is an amazing agent for Bind because of how much movement she can attain through her kit.


The controller has to smoke off the direct and straight lines of sight to block enemies from sniping or prevent them from holding angles and fire and get enemies to kill the teammates easily. They have to attain the most map control for their team to enter the site easily.


Omen with his versatile smokes can smoke off any sharp angles and sneakily pass through the site and get enemies off guard. Not only can he smoke places but also create one way so that you can have an advantage while the enemies try to peek they may not see you but you can. With Omen’s kit, it is guaranteed that he can sneakily enter the site with ease. Although Omen’s plays have been predictable recently they can still help a lot.


Initiators of the team help gather information or provide support through their kits to push the enemies backwards while you may be pushing the site. A good initiator honestly makes the entry to the site so effortless.


With his kit, although he may not be able to gather as much information as the other agents do, the abilities can easily push back enemies to clear sites. Not to mention the aftershock does indeed clear out the corners very easily as if the enemies don’t exit the area where the aftershock is used, they will die and hence, Breach has to be the best initiator on Bind considering the pushback.


Bind is not a huge map and hence doesn’t need to have two controllers however, two sentinels are required since each site has two areas to enter from and it is very easy to neglect one of the entry spots and an enemy can clear out your team. Having a sentinel’s trap watch in either of the areas on each site can help a lot on the defensive side. But again it is important to help out the team have enough support to back up for the offensive half.

Cypher and Sage

These two sentinels pretty much cover up both halves as Sage is a very versatile agent as the heals and wall can help in planting the spike and provide extra protection as the wall gets fortified and you might have more than enough time to produce the spike whereas Cypher can watch the back-stab and can hold flanks and get enemies off guard with the combination of his tripwires and cyber cage. The camera can easily spectate around the place and cover other angles. Overall this combination of sentinels can easily dominate the defensive and perform well on the attacking side.

Conclusion – Best Agents on Bind

Although this list may be subjective to every individual’s playstyle, these may be the best agents that can work in harmony with each other and of course, certain alternatives can be made such as Brimstone instead of Omen and Chamber instead of Cypher and other alternatives, it does depend upon your playstyle to encounter difficulties as one of their own. But these may be the best agents harmonizing with each other for Bind and you can maybe try it.