New Energy Solutions: Everything You Need To Know About

New Energy Solutions: As humans, we are ever-evolving species requiring energy and creating new and unique things and integrating innovations with our lifestyle has been the goal set for humans at this point. But what we don’t realize is, as we are trying to have all the comforts and conveniences, we may be seriously damaging the Earth we are living on. Using non-renewable sources that are doing nothing but damage the Earth is insanely bad.

There are so many alternatives that can be used that can at least help us reduce our carbon footprint, technology and innovations have immensely contributed to how we have so many other sources of energy, yet here we are. Let’s discuss the source of fuels that we have been using so far and what are the alternative various sources of energy we have been provided with.

What is the fuel that we have been using so far?

Humans since industrialization and primarily have been using fossil fuels. So what are fossil fuels? Fossil fuels are fuels that have been generated due to plant debris as well as bones of ancient animals have been made into petroleum crude by going through years and years of pressure and heat due to being buried deep. They are a great source of fuel and provide a ton of energy. No doubt about that but, it is not the most environmental-friendly energy source. The carbon emissions caused by these fuel sources are through the roof. Hence, we require other sources of energy to limit global warming and hence conserve the only planet that we have got.

So what are the various sources of energy that can be used to help with this cause?

We know basic solar energy, where solar light is reflected on photovoltaic cells to charge them up and then can be directly converted into electrical energy. But, what if we use solar energy for various purposes and take up less space by installing panels in such a way that they can be used to multitask with a singular piece of land?

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Advanced Photovoltaic Uses


Agrovoltaics is defined as using the same land for agriculture and setting up solar panels to use as an energy source. This unnecessary taking up of land can be avoided and especially used for more agricultural purposes or can be used as a compost pit to either create manure or natural fertilizers.


Floatovoltaics can be defined as making solar panels float on top of water bodies, but since it’s a relatively new project, setting it up is a little expensive as the materials required are not being mass produced (although the solar panels are getting produced but the various elements have to be waterproof so it doesn’t get affected while it gets submerged in water and also not harm or disrupt the aquatic animals.

Besides these photovoltaic advancements, we also have our trustworthy alternatives such as:

Hydro Energy

Energy is collected through dams and by farming tidal energy to store potential and kinetic energy produced by the various states of water. One of the most effective ways to store up energy as it is predictable and very well functional as able.

Wind Energy

The potential energy stored by the movements of windmills in windy areas is a great source of energy. However, statistics and meteorological departments do give us an assumption it can be unpredictable sometimes. Nonetheless, a great source of green energy is being used.


Fuel created through the decomposition and fermentation of produce or animal waste has been recently used a lot to power up vehicles and powerhouses. Although it does create comparatively less energy than the other sources, it is no less than them as it does produce the cleanest form of energy.

Alongside these various sources, AI and Data Management can also be great sources to track the usage of energy concisely.

Grid Energy Source

Grid integration can be helpful in stabilizing, storing and distribution of renewable energy sources. To avoid energy loss during g distribution and transmission of energy, grid technologies including Gallium Nitride and Silicon Carbide semiconductors are utilized. Even with such advanced technology, storing and usage of energy is still complicated due to intermittent energy usage. While V2G (vehicle to grid) technology provides stabilization G2V (grid to vehicle) provides storage during the stabilized stage. This can benefit 2 industries: the transportation and energy industries.

Sum Up – New Energy Solutions

With that, we conclude how energies can be produced differently and hence can be used as an alternative he traditional fossil fuels to produce the equivalent energy. Let’s try to conserve mother nature and through technological advancements, we are the future who can save the planet from the devastating future that awaits using. Let’s implement changes in our lives from today onward to achieve a better tomorrow.