Preferred Team Composition for Haven in Valorant

As we discussed previously the importance of preferred team composition in winning a match in Valorant, and how it can be different for each map in Valorant as different agents have their abilities accentuated in different maps according to the structure of the map. Some agents may support the infrastructure of certain maps and some may not, the mobility some agents may have on some maps may not be the same for other maps. There are various aspects of how certain agents can help in certain maps, let’s discuss the map Haven for today’s article and understand the map structure.


Duelists on Haven have to be very conscious as every single site has sharp corners to check and to create space for their teammates. And since Haven is a huge map, you may need a good mobility and speed agent. For obvious reasons,


has to be the best pick for Duelist on Haven. With mobility and her cloudburst, Jett can easily enter the site and create space by peeking off one-by-one through the cover and can have a backup through her teammate’s pushing.


Controllers on Haven require a lot of control over the map with the sites being widespread and long paths for every site, you need smokes that have a good hold and can smoke off the sharp angles. With accessibility for long spaces, the best controller be,

Omen and Brimstone

Since Haven is a huge map, with three sites you need enough control over the map to maintain the defensive hold as well as help to block the line of sight on the offensive side. A combination of the mobile smokes of Omen and Brimstone’s post-plant play as well as his ability to have 3 smokes at once is a deadly combo for this map.

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As we have spoken about the vast area coverage of Haven, an initiator that can gather as much information as required is needed and who can clear out the small nooks and crannies. Although Fade can be a good choice too the OG initiator has to come in here and that’s


With his reckons dart and drone, Sova can check out corners and alongside his shock darts give a decent amount of damage to help his team push the site and take out as many entry frags as possible and the players that have held the site. Besides that Haven is a huge map and the post-plant play Sova can offer with his shock darts and Hunter’s Fury is insanely useful.


With three sites, a sentinel is very much required to defend and control the hold on one site at least so that the controllers can handle the other two sites and an agent with versatility on both the offensive and defensive half. The most required agent for B site handling and an agent that fits the description above has to be


With the heals and the wall to block off entry on B site and handle the garage area, Sage has to be the most valuable sentinel. Besides, Sage on every map has to be great, One of the best sentinels of course after the duelist in disguise (a.k.a Chamber). Sage is very important as her wall can hold enemies until the team gets enough time to arrive at B and defend the garage.

Conclusion – Preferred Team Composition

With that, the most preferred team composition for Haven can be as follows and I’ll provide you with some replacements if in case any of the agents don’t fit your play style.

  • Jett
  • Omen
  • Brimstone
  • Sova
  • Sage
  • Now Jett can either be swapped out by Reyna or Neon if Jett isn’t your play-style agent.
  • Omen or Brimstone can be swapped out with Viper as her wall can be helpful to cut the sites in half and sneakily enter the site.
  • Sova can be replaced by Fade as she is the most info-gathering agent or Skye can be a good choice if you have any other sentinel than Sage.
  • Sage can be replaced by Chamber or Cypher since both are pretty good to hold or gather info if they have already rotated unlike Killjoy as she has a certain range.

And that’s about it, with that we have the most preferable team for you to win a game on Haven. Hope this helped and let you win all of your competitive games.