10 Ways To Win A Match in Valorant

Valorant is a booming game in the industry right now created by Riot Games in the year 2020. It is an FPS game that requires players to shoot at the enemy team and eliminate them or plant/defuse the spike to win a round. Whichever team reaches 13 wins first, wins the game. Now there can be specific tips and tricks on how to win a match in valorant, that can make you aware of the game and increase one of the most crucial skill sets required in a multiplayer game: game sense.

It can be very annoying to lose games constantly and frustrating, resulting in a bad mental state, these games can get stressful rather than the fun purposes they are for, after all, it’s a game and let’s treat it as one and not throw unnecessary negative comments. There can be various assets and understanding on how you can win the game, although these don’t guarantee you a win but will most probably help you to improve your gameplay. Let’s look at X way you can win a match in Valorant.

Best Ways to Win a Match in Valorant

1. A Good Team Composition

The very first step when you enter a game is to select your respective agents. Now it is very important to understand a good team composition leads to a great victory. However, a good team composition may not be the same for every map as different agents showcase different abilities and can be used accordingly, But a good team comp always gives an extra boost. But it is indeed also very necessary to play an agent you are familiar with.

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2. Buy Abilities Instead Of Guns

Although it may seem stupid to some, your abilities can help out your team a lot. Even if you may not have a good aim day you can wisely use your abilities to understand the gameplay and trick enemies. Valorant is a team game, it’s supposed to be played in harmony with your teammates, hence your teammates may have guns and you can have abilities but not a great gun and can still score a win.

3. Save With Teammates

Often I have seen teammates buy when their team is saving and end up losing the round as well as the buy round you had, even though you may have enough creds to buy a gun, it is preferable to save when your team is having a save round, and also make sure to understand and when to not, especially if it’s the second half of the game. But for instance, if it’s a save round doesn’t mean you can just go ahead and die, rather try to damage the enemy’s economy but hide in cheeky spots and corners and kill them.

4. Take Time To Aim

An enemy might have the prefiring angle and you may have to peek but it’s always better to set your aim first and have that crispy crosshair placement rather than blindly firing and missing an entire magazine on the enemy. Take time but not so much to the point where you are an easy target. You can learn this by practising in “The Range”.

5. Communication

It is very necessary to communicate with your team to understand the enemy’s location and the spots they are holding or assume where they are. Communication is indeed the key to success and does keep an eye on the minimap to have a sense where you can understand their location and pre-aim there to get your enemy off-guard.

6. Hold Offguard Angles

Instead of holding the traditional angles try to find off-guard angles where they can’t expect you to be, agents such as Jett, Raze, Sage and most of the controllers can do cheeky plays that are boosted by their abilities.

7. Warm-Up

It is very necessary to warm up and get your hand set before you start a comp game so that you can have those crisp headshots when you enter the actual game. A good warm-up can be done through The Range or even deathmatches.

8. Double Peek

When you are sure that the enemy is holding the angle and can easily kill you try to have your teammate peek out with you so if you die they can trade you and have a balance or in the best case scenario you might be saved too since the enemy would be trying to track their crosshair with your movement.

9. Always Strafe or Move

Strafing and moving back and forth can help you catch enemies holding with an Operator or with a Vandal and can save you from getting killed. But this doesn’t mean you have to shoot while you’re moving as that can make your aim poor. Rather take small steps and stop in between and then fire.

10. Use Abilities Appropriately And Understand Your Role

As for the 4 agent categories, Valorant has, it is very necessary to understand your agent role and how to play with it. Making the best use of your abilities to coordinate with your team is very necessary and try to communicate while using abilities as that can help teammates be aware and not have a disadvantage through your abilities.


Hopefully, these tips and tricks help you win your next competitive game. Players especially those just starting and understanding the game can use these tips and tricks to understand the gameplay concept and hopefully coordinate with the team and play better and rank up easier. Hope this helps.