Instagram vs Snapchat: Who is the Social Media King?

Two of the most dominating social media sites in this generation. A rivalry between Instagram vs Snapchat. Instagram was launched on 6th October 2010, by Kevin Systrom and Mike Kreiger. Instagram has been a success since its start having two million users within the first 2 months of its launch. It gained 1 million users by the end of its first year. it was however acquired by Facebook Inc. for $1 Billion in cash and stocks.

Instagram is a social media platform to share content and can be monetized after you have a certain amount of clout and can attain people’s attention thoroughly enough for brands to think you’re worthy enough for their sponsorship.

Snapchat on the other hand was released to the masses in September 2011. Snapchat is a social media platform to send images and chats for a temporary short period. Snapchat’s way of content sharing to compete with other platforms was “Snap originals”. Consisting of small series and episodes, Snap originals were a way for Snapchat to compete with IGTV.

But which one is better? let’s find out.

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Instagram has 4 modes of sharing media primarily photos, videos, reels and stories. Posts can be shared, deleted, or archived later depending on the user’s convenience. Instagram has way more content than its rival as it is primarily an app to post content and has a specific algorithm for trending posts and reels. Like some of the other social media sites, Instagram uses hashtags as a source to understand users’ interests and personal likings. Instagram’s posts are filtered and curated under certain censorship protocols in under to maintain the viewer’s discretion. Instagram’s private DMs (direct messages) can be accessed anytime and would not be deleted unless you clear the entire conversation or when using “Vanish” mode which was recently launched for private chats.


Snapchat as we discussed earlier is primarily used to send short-period images and texts. The most impressive feature of Snapchat has to be the amount of privacy it provides. Snapchat takes its users’ privacy very seriously by notifying users if their chats or snaps have been screenshotted or not. Unlike its rivals, it’s more of a texting app rather than a content-creating app and as a result, contains way less content. The unique feature of Snapchat has to be “streaks”. The concept of streaks is that a user and their friends or anyone in fact can send each other a snap daily and the app keeps a count of how many days they have constantly sent snaps to each other.

So Which One is Better? – Instagram vs Snapchat

If we see the privacy aspect I think Snapchat is better as it provides the most amount of privacy and notifies users about every single action. But if we consider content-wise, there is no doubt that Instagram would win as it has so much more and because of the algorithm, users can only see posts relevant to their likings and interests. Instagram offers so much that people nowadays even earn a full living just based on monetization and branding. But let’s not forget the most essential thing which would be to use apps in moderation as to protect ourselves from the dangers of social media.