4 Ways Technology Has Changed The Way We Communicate

There are many ways technology has changed the way we communicate. Communication is the process of exchanging ideas through verbal or non-verbal means. Over the years, means of communication have been an ever-evolving process. Technology is a resource that has helped humanity in various measures and has proven itself as the solution to any obstacle. Considering it, technology has also helped humans communicate with others in better ways. Let’s have a look at how we have evolved

History of Communication

In ancient days, people used to communicate through smoke signals to indicate danger or something important. After that came the era of flag semaphores, and then came letters, telegraphs, and eventually typewriters and other forms. If we look at the gradient from the ancient era till the modern days, we can notice how communication was adapting through the various advancements in technology. In the modern world, we have various means to connect from an indefinite distance. Discussing below the various means of communication that technology has unlocked doors for us.

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4 Ways Technology Is Changed

1. The Telephones

The telephone was created between the years 1876 and 1877. Although it is widely known that Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, it is rather undetermined as a man named Elisha Gray also applied for independent patents at the patent’s office regarding telephones. Bell took the inspiration for the telephone from a man named Antonio Meucci who named his device the “telettrofono”. The Telephone quickly colonized the field of communication as it served as an easy means of communication that was instantaneous.

The principle that the telephone used to work on was through routing networks and unique codes (numbers) that were recognized as tone frequencies. Through the routing network Telephones are used to connect people through various far-apart places each other. This was one of the first ways technology was inclusive for communication.

2. The Typewriter

The typewriter was created in the year 1868, but the patent wasn’t provided until 1867. Despite the creation, the first commercial model was created in the year 1873. The man behind the invention of typewriting was Christopher Latham Scholes. The typewriter came to dominate the communication field by providing an efficient and rapid way of providing information. It was used to create documents or share notices through neat, uniform letters. The typewriter’s invention helped revolutionize communication.

3. Radio

Radio was created in the year 1919 by an Italian experimenter named Guglielmo Marconi. Radio revolutionized mass communication. The principle for Radio was to send electromagnetic waves of frequency in the range of 30 Hz and 300 GHz. These waves are radiated through a transmitter which is collected by another antenna attached to the radio. These helped in mass communication as the radios which could catch the frequency of a certain channel can hear it. These were used to provide news, and weather forecasts and served for entertainment purposes as well.

4. Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones were created in the year 1973 by Martin Cooper of Motorola. These were the largest and by far the most efficient and reliable source of networking. They operate through data providers and the same concept as the radio where unique codes (mobile numbers) would connect to the frequencies and two people from anywhere in the world were connected.

With the upgrades that were provided by mobile companies came the possibility of texting and the greatest source of communication: The Internet. The Internet came into existence in the year 1983. It was known as ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) back then, but after advancements, we have the internet that connects over 5 billion people across the globe (roughly 63% of the population).

The internet has been groundbreaking ever since its release. It has connected people through all sorts of means. In today’s world, we are connected to people all over the world with just a single tap of our fingers. Name it and it’s a present! Be it text messages, emails, photos, documents, or video calls everything is provided by this interconnected web network. It’s so much easier to communicate by so many various means. It has been revolutionary in every aspect, private communications, mass communications, advertisements, public notices, news and so much more.

Sum Up

To conclude, we have shone a light on how technology has made it so much easier and more efficient for us to communicate with each other. So far we saw a gradual evolution in the means of communication. There is still a lot of space for evolution with the introduction of the metaverse, there may be so much more than the future awaits.