Calamity Biome Chest Error

Fix for calamity biome chest error

If you’re having problems with calamity biome chests in World of Warcraft, you should know that a simple fix can help you fix the problem. These chests are hardmode chests that only spawn in specific biomes. In Calamity Mod, only the Astral Chest can be found in a biome, and they contain the Heavenfallen Stardisk. The chest is locked during world creation and must be unlocked by defeating the Astrum Aureus, so you should make sure to defeat it before you open it. The chest will only appear once per world, so you don’t have to worry about losing it if you die. Unlike other chests, you will not need to use a key to unlock it if you don’t want to lose it.

The new update to Calamity brings tons of new items to the game. It also includes bug fixes and balancing changes. With so many new features to explore, this game is becoming a favorite of PC players, and this update gives players even more reasons to spend time exploring the new world. While the developer’s aim is to constantly update the game, players can also take advantage of the active community and use mods to enhance their experience.

The Calamity biome mod adds six new biomes and a few major structures. It also introduces a bunch of new bosses, items, and blocks to use. It also adds five new types of ores and minable tiles. If you’re tired of grinding for items, the Calamity mod is a great option to help you level up.

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Fix for sprite rotation issue

The latest Calamity patch addresses a variety of issues, including an issue with sprite rotation for legendary weapons. It also fixes an issue with the Ice Clasper minion’s sprite. Additionally, the projectile for Frosty Flares is no longer rotated in the wrong direction when used by the player. Lastly, a typo in the tooltip for Hydrothermic Helmet has been corrected. This fix also addresses a problem with the Fixed Relic of Deliverance’s tooltip, which states stronger rather than stronger when used in Death Mode. In addition, the Goldplume Spear’s tooltip no longer says stronger than stronger when Death Mode is active, and the Saros Possession minion emits too much light when idle.

The jaws of Oblivion stealth strike projectiles were doing less damage than they should. In addition, the immunity frame bonus was not given in several instances. The holdout projectile of the Aetherflux Cannon and the Nano Purge also fixed sprite rotation issues. Lastly, a fix for a bug that made the hive bombs and Yharon fireballs too small was also made.