Is eSim safer and better than Physical sim?

SIM- A plastic card with a microchip in it to store data and connect the cellular device to a service provider. SIM stands for “subscriber identity module”. As of lately, eSIMs (embedded SIM) have become popular in recent times, especially after Apple finally provided users with an option to have additional SIM usage. So, the question might be “What even is an eSIM?”.

An eSIM is an industry-standard digital SIM. Users can have the benefit of using multiple SIMs without the need to insert a physical SIM, instead, an eSIM is embedded in the device that you’re using. The data on it is rewritable which means you can change the service provider without having to remove the chip. It is most commonly used as a secondary sim alongside a physical SIM. Let’s focus on some characteristics and understand the concept of eSIM and how it’s used.

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Advantages of an eSIM

The following are the advantages of an eSIM:-

1) eSIMs are convenient

Instead of ordering a SIM card and then waiting for it to arrive, and then inserting it, devices that support the eSIM already have it embedded in the phone’s motherboard. All you would have to do is activate it through the service provider.

2) Easier to switch network

It is easier to switch networks on an eSIM instead of a physical sim as it wouldn’t require a new SIM card every single time. A singular eSIM chip can hold up to 5 networks at once. Even if you travel internationally, you need not purchase a new SIM card to maintain connectivity. You would just have to contact the local service provider and can start the service instantaneously.

3) Security

Suppose your phone gets stolen, the pickpocketers may not be able to open your phone because of the security passwords. However, what they can do is take out your sim card, and very likely can breach your accounts or even bank accounts. but with an eSIM, they would not be able to breach security and have your details stolen.

Disadvantages of an eSIM

There may be some good advantages but let’s note down some of the downfalls of an eSIM.

1) Inconvenient when switching devices.

Let’s say you had to switch your device for whatever reason, with your physical SIM card it is easier to switch. Just find the SIM ejector tool’ poke in and voila! your SIM is ready to go in the second device, ideally, clouds are designed in such a way to store all of your information but still setting up the new device and the eSIM would cause a certain amount of inconvenience.

2) Non-Removable

Although it may be a good thing as you won’t lose it. If an unfortunate event does take place and you want to connect with someone on an urgent basis and your primary device is dead, with a physical SIM you can just pop it out and insert it in a secondary device and operate it, whereas you won’t have the same functionality with an eSIM.

3) Unusable in countries with eSIM functionality

eSIM would just be useless in countries that just don’t yet support its technology of it, As of November 2022 more than 190 countries support eSIM technology so the likelihood of this happening is a ghost of a chance, it would still be considered a disadvantage.

4) Supported by only selective devices

As of now, only selective devices support an eSIM (not to mention mostly the expensive ones) so practically it is not yet available for everyone. A quick google search may show you whether your phone is eSIM-supportive or not.

Should you get an eSIM?

The answer to this question is very subjective to one’s own needs and demands. Some may consider it convenient and user-friendly while others may focus on the retrospective disadvantages and may consider not getting one. Considering the inconvenience caused while switching devices, the issue of setting it up can be avoided as most of the data would be stored in the cloud anyways. So setting it up won’t be a hassle.

Is it safer than a physical SIM?

The answer would be, Yes! It is safer in terms of security breaching than a physical SIM (unless the pickpocketers know your phone password too). If your concern is only around the security aspects of the eSIM, then the list of disadvantages can be easily overlooked, and getting it would be a great option. Considering the number of crimes surrounding this is increasing it would be great for users to maintain their privacy and security.