Valorant Patch Notes 5.12 are out

Valorant Patch Notes 5.12: With the constant changes being made to improve the meta in Valorant. As the year is ending, and all the championship tournaments for the game are finally over, Riot has made sure to give us one of the most significant patch updates, with patch updates 6.0 released in January 2023. This specific update has impacted a lot of the agents as well as added a new gameplay mode for its users to play a quick match. Valorant has significantly impacted Chamber with this update and buffed some other agents to balance the pick rate of it. Let’s look at the various changes that have been made in the game so far.

The Nerfs

So many agents have been nerfed with either the ultimate points required for the ultimate ability to be acquired increased whilst some other nerfs (especially Chamber) have been pretty heavy on the agents. The list is as follows:

The Changes in Agent Chamber

Quite possibly the one agent which is strong even after the multiple nerfs has been nerfed to an extent where it might reduce the pick rate for it. Chamber’s biggest difference that this update brings is instead of having 2 anchors to teleport from one anchor’s radius to the other anchor, it just has one anchor and the chamber can teleport from anywhere within the anchor’s radius to the anchor’s position. The anchor however can be immediately used again if recalled instead of a cooldown, but if destroyed it cannot be used until the next round.

Although this may not be as bad as it seems. It is a great change making Chamber the sentinel that he is. Although he can still hold long angles and can teleport back immediately this at least nerfs him to an extent where he won’t be able to reach from one angle to another.

  • The radius of the anchor has been increased from 7.5m to 13m.
  • Chamber’s trademark is now recallable however, it is now range restricted just like Killjoy’s traps. If it’s destroyed it cannot be acquired once again, until the next round. Trademark is set to be on a 30-second cooldown if retreated.
  • One of the nerfs that has impacted has been the fire rate of Tour De Force is decreased by 57.5%.
  • The headhunter’s accuracy has been reduced while spamming to reduce low-precision body shots.
  • The slow duration caused by Trademark and Tour De Force shots has been reduced from 6 seconds to 4 seconds.

Overall, the changes that have been made to Chamber are indeed significant as it makes him more of a Sentinel than a disguised Duelist. This may be a big blow for Chamber mains but would not affect the gameplay much as Chamber is such an agent.

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Other nerfs involve:

  • Instead of the 7 ult points required by Breach to enable his ultimate it now requires 8 ultimate points.
  • Fade’s prowler’s health has been decreased from 100 to just 60, meaning it would require just 2 vandal shots to destroy it.
  • KAY/O’s ultimate now requires 8 ult points as well similar to Breach.
  • Raze’s boom bot’s health has been reduced from 100 to just 60.
  • Another agent that has been impacted by the nerfs has to be Sage. Sage’s wall takes 3.3 seconds to fortify entirely and if a Sage heals herself she only gains back 30 HP.
  • Skye’s Trailblazer’s cost has been increased to 300 from the previous 250.
  • Viper ultimate requires 8 ult points instead of 7 and the time she can stay out of her ultimate has been reduced from 15 seconds to just 8 seconds. As she leaves the pit and comes back to the pit it now requires 25 seconds before she can leave again without setting off the max time out of smoke back on.
  • Yoru’s signature ability’s health has been reduced to 60 from 100.

The Buffs

With buffing other agents, Riot is trying to balance out the team pick rates and let every agent shine and increase the pick rate of agents that have been blatantly ignored while team selection.

  • Chamber’s trademark health has been increased from 1 HP to 20 HP.
  • Cypher’s Trapwire’s health has been increased from 1 HP to 20 HP.
  • Harbor’s wall’s duration has been increased from 12 seconds to 15 seconds. The time of the cascade has been increased from 5 seconds to 7 seconds.
  • KAY/O’s knife’s health has been increased from 1 HP to 20 HP
  • Killjoy’s lockdown’s health has been increased from 150 HP to 200 HP. Nanoswarm’s grenade’s health has been increased from 1 HP to 20 HP.
  • Omen’s paranoia’s cost has been reduced to 250 from 300.
  • Phoenix’s wall’s cost has been reduced to 150 from 200.
  • Raze’s satchel’s health has been increased from 1 HP to 20 HP.
  • Sage can now heal teammates to a full 100 HP.
  • Sova’s recon dart’s health has been increased from 1 HP to 20 HP.
  • Skye’s healing cost has been reduced to 150 from 200.
  • Yoru’s gatecrash’s cost has been reduced to 150 from 200.

With these abilities, agents can now damage non-player objects universally as they damage players. These involve the abilities of different agents as well.

As we are speaking about this, Brimstone’s Molly, Killjoy’s Nanoswarms, Phoenix’s Hot Hands and Blaze, and Viper’s Snakebite can damage the following objects,

  • Killjoy’s nano swarms
  • Killjoy’s alarm bot
  • Killjoy’s lockdown
  • Chamber Trademark
  • Chamber Rendezvous
  • Cypher’s trapwire
  • Raze’s blast pack
  • Reyna Leer
  • Sova Recon Dart
  • Sage Barrier Orb
  • Fade Prowler
  • Kayo’s Knife

with Phoenix’s hot hands dealing damage to Yoru fakeout as well and Viper’s Snakebite dealing damage to Skye’s Seekers

KAY/O has a voice line that notifies the teammates about the number of people suppressed by his knife. KAY/O’s and Raze’s grenades and satchels as well as Sova’s shock darts now damage Fade Prowler as well.

Brimstone’s Orbital Strike now damages Chamber’s Rendezvous as well.

Sova’s Hunter Fury now damages Raze’s satchels, Reyna’s Leers, Fade’s prowler and Chamber’s Rendezvous.

Agent’s abilities now deal greater damage to non-player objects than players.

These are the variations in comparison to the damage dealt by players.

  • Breach’s Aftershock now deals 250% damage to non-players.
  • Brimstone’s molly deals 100% to non-players.
  • Killjoy’s nano swarm deals 100% damage to non-players.
  • KAY/O’s grenade deals 250% damage
  • Phoenix’s Hot Hands deals 100% damage to non-players.
  • The blast pack deals a whopping 1200% damage to non-players.
  • Raze’s grenade now deals just 100% of the damage almost equivalent to the damage dealt by the players.
  • Raze’s boombox deals 100% damage to the non-player things as well.
  • Snakebite deals 100% damage instead of 50% to non-players’ objects.


Spectre now has a third range category to it instead of the two-distance range damage it used to have to nerf it.

From distances of 0-15m spectre deals 26 HP, 15m to 30m deals 22 HP and 30+m deals just 20 HP.


A new beta game mode has been added to Valorant from the 6th of December to the 10th of January 2023. The team to win 5 rounds first wins the game and has a better economy rate. With this version, players can play small games just like unrated but instead of playing a typically long game, this is a smaller version.

Conclusion – Valorant Patch Notes 5.12

With such a big update and having so many changes, to be honest this has to be one of the best-balanced patch updates. Balances the agents perfectly and increases the interest in the game very well. With the patch update 6.0 anticipated in January of next year, it is very much awaited for Split to make its big return and hopefully have it back in the map pool.