When Did YouTube Come Out?

YouTube was first thought of as a site for online dating. In the beginning, Hurley and Chen paid women $100 to upload their videos. However, they found that women were unable to submit enough videos to fill the site, so they pivoted and opened the site up to all kinds of videos.


If you’re looking for an interesting history of YouTube, you’ve come to the right place. This site is one of the most popular video sharing websites on the internet and its origins go way back to 2006. The company was created by three friends as a way to share videos and has grown significantly since its beginnings. In 2006, it was a little known company, but by 2008, it had been acquired by Google.

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Originally, the company was a small, angel-funded operation, with employees working out of their garage. The founders were frustrated with the difficulty of uploading video clips to the Internet, and they decided to create an alternative. The result was YouTube, which became the second most-visited website in the world. Currently, the site is part of Google’s AdSense program, which lets creators make money through advertisements.


YouTube’s recent expansion into Africa and the Balkans is an example of its global reach. The company has already developed local portals in 85 countries to provide a more localized experience for its users. The expansion into these regions has given the company access to a huge potential market. The company has yet to launch its services in China, though.

YouTube has partnered with major broadcasters and studios to create original content for the platform. Its top original channels, for example, average over a million views a week. It has also doubled its number of subscribers year-on-year.

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Music video service VEVO

YouTube, the most popular video sharing website, has recently launched a music video service called VEVO. The company is the joint venture of three major music companies: Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and EMI. In September, the third largest music company, Warner Music Group, agreed to license premium music videos to the music video site.

Initially, Vevo’s videos were released on its own YouTube channel, but now they are also available through the artists’ channels. Users can view the videos on a variety of devices. In addition to distributing music videos, Vevo also produces ancillary content to help artists and fans discover new music. Currently, Vevo’s network includes more than 500,000 music videos, viewed over 26 billion times a month.