Myths regarding Cloud Security

Cloud Security: Cloud computing or cloud storage system has been a great source of storing data and managing it effectively. It was first proposed in November 2008 in Las Vegas, US but was later adopted and created a booming business in mid-2014. It was ready with its base features and at the time security concerning data storage grew quite a lot hence, cloud storage took over the world. Although cloud storage is very mainstream today, it has carried on to its myths and rumors from its release days. Today we will bust some of the most common myths that circle cloud computing.

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1. Cloud is just about money

Cloud has been of course a paid service but that doesn’t mean that it just centers around the fact of money. Cloud has been mainly used for accessibility and safely storing data. It has been able to store data in a virtual space that is accessible through the cross-platformed cloud storage service you have been using. Besides, it doesn’t that it is more expensive than the storage devices you have been using with no accessibility. Hence, cloud is not just a cash grab.

2. Cloud is always very secure

Security is very subjective here as your phone can be accessed by someone else as well and can cause an identity theft resulting in the invasion of your data. Although there have been very few breaches in cloud storage, the chances are never to the best outcome, and can never be predicted how and when your data might be leaked. Privacy and security should be one’s responsibility and it is on the user to store data at their own expense.

3. Single-tenant clouds are more secure than Multi-tenant clouds.

I would like to tackle this myth with a small example which includes keys and locks. Suppose you’re living in a house with other tenants, there may be a common key for you to enter the house but there are separate keys for you to be able to enter your room. Similarly, a multi-tenant cloud system provides an additional level of security and provides you with the best security that the service provider can offer.

4. Clouds should be used everywhere

There are absolutely no reasons to be storing everything on the cloud and various other sources of storage can most definitely be used other can cloud storage as we discussed earlier. Security as we discussed earlier is very subjective and unpredictable and hence, should be used for certain data and other sources can most definitely be proposed to use on-premises storage means.

5. Cloud can do everything

Although moving apps, data, and various resources to the cloud can be insanely efficient and worthy, cloud managers cannot do everything to secure your data. Limiting access, and revoking permissions and privileges from unnecessary users is something the organization has to deal with internally to protect and manage their data hence, don’t rely on the cloud for all of your work.

Conclusion – Cloud Security

With this, we have debunked 5 of the most common myths that circle cloud security and needed to be addressed. With due respect, cloud storage is a great and secure source and should be implemented for various factors it is however, not the solution to all the problems, analyze your needs and requirements and make the necessary shift. Hope this article helped with understanding the topic and provided you with the necessary information.