What is Kronos? How does it work?

Kronos is a provider that provides cloud-based various software solutions for various workforce purposes and Human Capital Management. Let’s see what is kronos in detail. Kronos provides your handling of various data regarding human resources in a workspace with ease such as onboarding of talent and talent acquisition, managing work time and attendance of your working employees as well as the payroll of your employees. This results in the HR of the company having a lesser load of work and being as efficient as they can. Kronos can be regarded as a database management system.

Kronos was introduced to the world by the collaboration of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Simon Business School alumnus Mark Ain in the year 1977. A huge merger between Kronos and Ultimate Software to provide us with an even more efficient Human Capital Management as the Ultimate Kronos Group in the year 2020.

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Various companies have been its allies such as Cognizant, Microsoft, Accenture, Infosys, etc and some of its rivals include Oracle, Paychex, and ADP. Among some of the products and versions that Kronos offers some of the primary ones are:

  • Workforce Ready
  • Workforce Central Suite
  • Workforce Dimensional Suite

Let’s now have a brief introduction and understanding of the various aspects and details. Let’s understand the various features and characteristics and the working of Kronos.


Following are the various feature provided by Kronos.

  • Recruiting: It helps you keep track of and store data and aids with the smooth acquisition of the person with the best skillsets that are required for the company.
  • Talents: This includes the finding and allotment of the best talents to accomplish the goals that are set by the company.
  • Time Tracking: Helps you have a schedule and assign various time limits to various tasks and the employees that are involved in certain tasks.
  • Attendance: Allows and helps you to record the amount of time that the employee has been working and the overtime as well as leaves.
  • Self Attendance: enables the self-service options for employees to clock in and clock out and manage the workforce on a large scale.
  • Payroll: Helps you in managing and process all the employees’ payrolls and also provides complete access to it.
  • Tracking and Analysis: From monitoring access to tracking and setting up schedules for employees to be occupied with during and working it out.
  • Budgeting: It also provides you with the facility of managing the data regarding quarterly and annual budgets.

These are the various features that are provided by Kronos. As we see numerous features provide ease and access to manage and process the data and can be a huge weight off the shoulders of HR. Alongside these features, more features are provided by Kronos for database management.

Why should Kronos be used?

Kronos has been introduced to help organizations manage and process their employee life cycle. The software generally integrates workforce management and HCM capabilities via Kronos workforce in Kronos Workforce Dimensions. Since Kronos is not a specified software, you can get the software to manage the field of your industry.

Utilizing Kronos workforce management or solutions can generally help your industry reach its goal as rapidly as you can. Kronos’ solution tools, global standard workforce management and HCM capabilities can be tracked throughout the employee’s stay in the company and can be delivered efficiently too.

You can keep track of various factors with just a single software. All the features that have been discussed in the feature column above are factors that can be taken into account. Through this, it can improve efficiency and various factors that are time-consuming while the tracking is inefficient.

Kronos works based on Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), hence all the features that are available and all the characteristics that are provided by various RDBMS systems are provided by Kronos to your industry to manage your database. Not to mention Kronos has various software for various industries and has specialized characteristics that are required for the industry field you are working on and can be efficient for you to have your company grow.


The various factors and aspects that we have studied about Kronos software it does provide a solid ground reason to why Kronos software can be applied to your industry to improve efficiency and is a great source for being able to track your employee’s data while they have been in the company. Hopefully, this helped you rule out and provide you with enough information that you’ve been looking for.